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With smartphone penetration reaching unprecedented heights, the demand for multimedia services has increased multifold. The diverse variety of contents allowed by multimedia messaging have culminated sweep uptake for the mobile operators. Support for the various multimedia formats from images to audio and video, has presented a scenario where service providers can explore new markets and extract revenues from the customer segments that were previously underused.

The mobile subscribers are encouraged to combine text, images, audio and video knowing the fact that the Multimedia Service Center can seamlessly offer support to multimedia messaging across the growing variety of devices, including the legacy handsets as well as the new-generation standard devices.

MMSC platform allows the mobile operators to efficiently and swiftly monetize their MMS capabilities, oversee their MMS portfolio’s every aspect ranging from content to delivery and launch new services.

Multi-protocol support

The MMSC platform simultaneously supports multiple protocols including GSM, CDMA, IP, LTE and IMS on a single platform. It also supports the below listed standard MMS protocols:

  • Mobile-to-mobile messaging
  • Messaging to and from mobile devices and email
  • Inter-carrier messaging
  • Value added service provider messaging
  • Full range of 3GPP audio and video formats

Often MMSC include integrated transcoding and optimization of multimedia messages to adapt various message types to receiving device’s characteristics, giving the users a widespread access to various multimedia contents.

Web tools enhance visibility

The web-based tools for MMSC enable the operators to gain visibility into detailed consumer information, like traffic summary statistics, enter-carrier and VASP messages along with the total volume. Visibility into message status, User agent profiles and detailed logging events improve troubleshoot, reducing the associated costs and improving customer service.

VAS for maximum benefits

The maximum value of MMSC can be enjoyed by integrating additional features like blacklisting, whitelisting etc. as well as the option to restrict international text messages or blocking any specific country code.

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