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There is just no getting around Mobile messaging. With more than 5 million active subscribers and increasing exponentially, communicating via mobile is slowly overtaking all other types of communication. SMS-based communication boasts of the highest read rate at 90 per cent in 15 minutes, therein lies a big opportunity for businesses to reach large group of consumers directly and quickly.

SMS Gateway hub refers to a website that offers users to send SMS messages from a web browser directly to the mobile phones of people served by that specific gateway. SMS gateway can also be used as an international gateway for messaging users with mobile roaming capability.

SMS gateway hub came into existence as a direct solution to the issue faced by telecommunication industry of reaching thousands of consumers fast and cheap. Telecommunication providers have struggled with the issue of each wireless service provider making use of their own proprietary communication protocols for service offerings. The SMS gateway hub provides the perfect solution by acting as a relay to translate one protocol into another. The way it works is that wireless service providers use the SMS gateway hub to connect to SMSC’s or SMS Centers that manage routing, storing and forwarding of incoming SMS text messages.


SMS Gateway Hub is widely used by large enterprises and global businesses to maintain direct and constant communication with their consumers irrespective of their location in the world. With the SMS Gateway Hub, businesses are able to send out large volume of messages, at high speed, at very low monthly cost making it a perfect marketing and promotional tool. The SMS Gateway hub guarantees highly reliable national and international service ensuring your customers can be reached with a simple SMS anytime, anywhere.

Businesses can use SMS Gateway hub to not only promote their products in unique ways using different platforms, it can also be used to educate consumers about a new product, its application, used and benefits. SMS Gateway Hub are also frequently used to send SMS’s announcing the launch of new features to an existing product being used by a consumer or offer new promotions to draw the customer to the store. Unlike normal SMS service, SMS gateway hub allows businesses to send out SMS’s of extended word length making it convenient to incorporate marketing or promotional copy as part of SMS. With much of the younger population preferring to interact via mobile rather than laptops and desktops, SMS communication via SMS gateway presents businesses with the fastest and most affordable means of reaching out to customers directly to inform them about the latest promotions and offerings.

SMS Gateway hub has now moved beyond being used for promotions to being used by businesses to keep employees updated with the latest news about the organization. SMS Gateway hub enables businesses to send out SMS’s in real time to help employees avoid potential dangerous or emergency situations near office or home. As the need for direct real time communication grows, SMS Gateway hub are being called upon to support an increasing number of applications catering to varied newer needs.

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