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Network monitoring software examines networks for technical problems caused due to either overloaded servers, crashed connections or the users. Real time network monitoring software eases the process of controlling network usage, server availability and capacity.

Enterprises of all sizes require an IT network to store and manage huge amounts of data. Keeping in mind the challenges associated with this process, deploying real-time network management software becomes imperative.

The Role of Real-Time Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring software helps safeguard the network from any potential damage caused by system errors and faults. It helps to ensure that customers can access the system seamlessly.

Moreover, deploying such software helps preserve and improve the network’s health. This, in turn, ensures network availability and better performance. Above all, network monitoring software can help building a database of critical information, which can be used to plan for future growth.


A comprehensive real-time network monitoring system serves as the core of any network management solution. Also, networks can be effectively managed only if reliable data pertaining to network usage, state and performance is available. Combining powerful monitoring tools with network management, real-time network management software provides several benefits, such as:

Proactive Network Management

  • Spot and fix issues related to network performance
  • Receive system alerts when the performance threshold is exceeded
  • Obtain device status identification on network maps

Network Capacity Planning

  • Re-route network traffic to improve flow
  • Identify any additional server-related requirements
  • Effectively plan for future network usage by reviewing historical data trends

Network Services and Application Monitoring

Network Troubleshooting

  • Rapidly access data related to memory, hard drives, jitter, connection speed and packet latency to find and fix any network-related issue.

Network Mapping

  • Network monitoring software include seamless network mapping functionality.

Network Alerts

  • Receive on-the-ground alerts to stay abreast of any network-related issues


As IT architecture becomes more complex, regular monitoring, optimizing and securing has become the need of the hour. For telecom operators, ensuring that the network functions in an optimal manner is a priority and this is where deploying real-time network monitoring software comes in.

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