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Mobile music can be defined as music downloaded or streamed to mobile phones for being played back by the device. Although most of the music played on phones are ringtones, music-centric phones allow their users stream music or download music file on the device over the internet via 3G cell phone connections or a Wi-Fi connection.

Mobile music is incited as a great revenue stream for the mobile service providers. Presently there is no better way to overcome the losses caused by the declining voice revenues. Various mobile music formats are available to be offered to the customers.

Types of mobile music

Ringback tones

Ringback tones are audible indication heard by the caller while the called destination is still ringing.

The feature rich ringback tones not only stimulate the uptake among the users but also they generate revenue streams through targeted and personalized promotions. The RBT solutions, if used wisely can help to segment the users and identify usage patterns to promote the best suited contents to the customers individually. This in turn enables greater penetration and revenue for the service providers.

Music App

The music apps contain a large database of music from different origins. The users of free to search, stream or download the track as per their choice.

Taking in sight the changing music consumption patterns the music apps contribute a major chunk to the revenue earned by the service providers. In the emerging telecommunication markets, the digital music growth is being driven by subscription and ad-supported revenues. The music applications focus primarily on seamless integration with the operator billing, localized contents, availability of personalized playlists, integration with social media platforms and a holistic approach towards music.

Mobile Karaoke

The music freaks love tapping to the tunes of the musical artists and that’s what a karaoke app lets them do.

Karaoke app offers the users an audio-visual module, which permits them share content with their contacts and alongside create, promote and sell their own creation to create a fan network. The users can sing along with any original music track, inter-mixing their voice with that of the original artist. All this can be done with studio effects such as reverb echoes etc.


The integration of music into the phone’s infrastructure was not initially as easy as it appears now. A lot of efforts have been put towards it as it had great revenue generation capabilities. Although mobile music has come forward a long way, it still has to go a lot ahead, performing in favor of the service providers, entertaining the subscribers in newer ways and providing a massive uplift to the telecommunication sector.


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