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Mobile karaoke offers customers an audio-visual module that allows them to share content with their contacts. An all-new feature also allows the users to sell or promote their own creations alongside creating a fan network. The users can also sing along with an original soundtrack, inter-mixing their voice with that of the artist and that too with all studio effects like reverb, echo etc.

Almost two decades ago, the cassettes reigned supreme in the global music space. Back then, we used to play cassettes containing a total of 12 songs on its both sides through our tape recorders. Also, the music experience was not personalized and neither skipping a track was easy; nor was the discoverability.


The Digitization of Music

When CDs came, they were considered as a revolution in this space but they soon gave way to pen drives which were able to store hundreds of songs. Accessing songs of different genres, moods and occasions became simpler.

Music is very versatile and thus there stays a rich repository of trillion songs. Today, we are in an era of 3G and 4G, where having a catalogue of a billion songs in a common occurrence- the availability of a track has become as instant as its desire. Now, data connectivity and speed is available on the go. People love to stream their favorite songs rather than downloading or storing them. With the digitization of music, the availability of tracks everywhere all the time has changed things significantly.

The rise of digital music along with multiple digital technologies, the internet and mobile applications has become a very strong medium of accessing music. Together we are entering into the fourth phase of digital music. The different phases may be defined as:

  • The rise of piracy in late nineties
  • Rise of download stores in the early 2000s
  • Rise of streaming services in the late 2000s
  • Rise of curated service in 2013-14

The discoverability of music has become really easy today. Services like Mobile Karaoke allow users to search and access music anywhere. The audio-visual module has again created a never before experience for customers looking to remain updated with the latest music access trends. Moreover, the Karaoke app has been designed to bring in change the way people see to music, creating an impact on them and transforming how content and technology can be used.

There has been a sea change in and around music and a lot still needs to be done around it. In this context, karaoke is a step taken towards creating that impact by its latest features- selling or promoting one’s own creation, creating a fan network, singing along an original sound track along with inter-mixing one’s voice with that of the artist.

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