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Even following twenty years after the first text message was sent, messaging has managed to retain its position as the most popular form of communication. The increasing number of wireless devices has made the number of wireless users alternate consistently between their smartphones, tablets and PCs. Thus, they often miss some important messages in case their phone is not nearby. To eliminate this inconvenience, the concept of integrated messaging came about, which is an attempt to integrate various integrated messaging and communications media technologies into a single interface, accessible from different platforms.

Quick Money through Integrated Messaging

The tremendous growth in messaging techniques has extended the boundaries of a messaging system to multiple platforms. Messaging systems around a single platform is no longer valid.

Integrated messaging is now being trusted to be capable of extending beyond any particular type of messaging client and thus it has become the messaging answer for many enterprises. The past few years have witnessed a great increase in the uptake of content and commerce based applications and in turn, a significant demand for messaging solutions. Thus, in order to accommodate this increased demand, the telecom service providers are readily deploying integrated messaging to access multiple messaging centers.In order to help the customers keep up with the various forms of messaging, different messaging services are being updated to include integrated messaging. Even though, this approach requires revamping the existing infrastructure, wide acceptance is being expected from the consumer’s side as:

  • A message sent to a customer’s contact number simultaneously gets displayed on his PC as well as smartphone and tablet, making sure the important message won’t be missed irrespective of the device they are using.
  • The message is also stored on the Verizon cloud for the next 90 days unless deleted by the user.
  • The messages can also be stored separately on an SD Card.

All these facilities entail to significant advantages for the retailer as well as consumer’s side. The most prominent ones on the retailer’s side are:

  • Significant OPEX and CAPEX savings
  • Simplified Service with multi-channel messaging
  • Systematic architecture
  • Faster time to market
  • Better customer satisfaction


The way we communicate is always evolving; still sending SMS online remains an effective and potent form of communication.Convenience is always desired and thus Integrated Messaging solutions are being increasingly accepted by the corporate infrastructures as well as their customers. Let’s see to what extent it can work for the benefits of both.

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