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A new service has evolved, called Call Signature. It can be described as the text displayed on a mobile phone during a call. It allows the user to create a new content and share it on his friends’ phone screen while they receive a call from or make a call to you. Getting subscribed to the call signature service, a user can also manage his accounts and its contents through the web.

Types of Call Signature

Call Signature can be customized by the calling or the called party. While the Call Signature customized by the calling side is referred to as Outgoing Call Signature; the ones customized by the called side is referred to as Incoming Call Signature.

How to use Call Signature?

Today, in order to address the demand of the tech savvy customers, free calls are highly promoted by various service providers; most of the mobile subscribers face issues identifying the caller and the purpose of his call. A Call Signature helps them in such a scenario, as it is a customized message displayed on the phone screen at the call initiation stage itself, either to the called or the calling party.

Call Signature service caters to the professionals as well as the youth segment. From telemarketers to enterprise customers every segment can get benefitted from this new evolution.

Call Signature can also be used to set a personal greeting for the callers, to provide pre-call notifications, to set status messages. The enterprises can also take their businesses a long way ahead by using Call Signatures for branding and for advertisement.

Features like Social Media integration and Calendar can help the subscribers to automate response to the callers. This eliminates the requirement of actually responding to any of the calls.

The subscribers can also Blacklist and Whitelist the numbers to/from which Call Signatures are being received.


Within a rapidly changing marketplace, different call management services have very efficiently made space for themselves. Amongst the numerous value added Telephone service, Call Signature has arrived with a bit of difference that makes it stand out of the ordinary club. Serving as a new revenue stream for the mobile service providers, this service can be used in a variety of ways. And, thus the hyper competitive youth as well as the professionals can use it to extract benefits the way they want. Until now various usage types has evolved for the Call Signatures but it is yet to be seen if some new usage strategy enhances the advantageous side of this service.

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