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Mobile subscribers often fail to complete calls or use other means of mobile communication due to the lack of sufficient balance in their account. A Call Loan or prepaid loan is a mobile solution which credits talk-time as a loan to a mobile subscriber’s account when it doesn’t have sufficient balance. The solution is targeted at prepaid subscribers who are unable to access a mobile recharge/top-up immediately. With the credited loan amount, the subscriber is able to make calls, send SMSs and use the relevant mobility service without recharging.

Operator benefits

Over 20 per cent of the voice calls made get dropped due to insufficient balance. This leads to loss of revenue for operators. The Call Loan facility ensures that incomplete calls get converted into a revenue stream. They help operators to add to their revenue by letting customers borrow money as their mobile account balance in turn bettering the customer experience. It not only increases the consumers’ on-call time but also it facilitates them to spend more and more on the network.

Overall, the Call Loan facility offers the following benefits:


Customer benefits

The Call Loan or talk-time loan feature ensures that calls can be completed even when consumer has zero balance in his account and easy recharge is not available nearby. The ability to make calls or perform other basic cellular activities during everyday emergencies along with the other offerings that allow call completion during unavailability, switch off, not reachable and other busy conditions.

The Call Loan feature lets a mobile subscriber enjoy:

  • Emergency backup for communication
  • Elimination of the requirement of accessing top-up immediately
  • Workability with all basic forms of communication
  • Disposal of the go-to-market time


The Call Loan feature has eliminated the prepaid uncertainty factor- that made many of mobile consumers shift from prepaid to post-paid services. Serving as a communication companion in any abrupt situation, the Call Loan feature has brought a sense of certainty and security to prepaid mobile users. At the same time, it has added a new revenue stream alongside value added services associated with prepaid mobile connections. Thus, relying on the call loan service, followed by reduced churn, we can foresee better and brighter financial statistics for mobile service operators, ,which will in turn make them an erstwhile player in the telecommunication niche.

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