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ringback tone (RBT) – also called as ringing tone- is the audible indication heard by the calling party while waiting for their call to be answered by the called destination. A caller RBT is also known as an answer tone, ringback tone, caller tune, call tone or connecting tone. Generally, it is a repeated tone which assures the calling party that the called party’s phone is ringing.

Typically, RBTs are flexible and feature-rich value-added services. A few features include:

  • Operators usually offer complete RBT albums via self-service interfaces, such as web, SMS, and Interactive Voice Response-based with multilingual support.
  • This value added service is supported on any kind of handset.
  • RBTs can be programmed to suit the time of day, day of the week, or they can be event-driven (holidays, etc). They can also be on a shuffled playlist.
  • Caller groups can be created and assigned specific RBTs.
  • Self-recorded RBTs can be easily created and uploaded for use.

What is the difference between ringtone and ringback tone?

Ringtones are audible indications downloaded to and played by mobile phones. A user hears a ringtone when someone calls him, in case his phone isn’t set to silent or vibrates.

Ringback tones or RBT aren’t downloaded to or played by the mobile phones like we download ringtones. Instead, caller tune is played by our respective service provider’s network to the callers before we answer a call or the caller is diverted to the preset voice mail. Our callers hear the ringback tone.

Benefits of ringback tones for operators

When the phone rings, your callers on the other side can hear a song clip from your favorite artist, a chartbuster, a beloved classic song, an evergreen music track or even a personalized recorded sound. You can also set different ringback tones for different contacts, which makes you know who’s calling you without looking at your phone screen.

Greet your callers warm heartedly, play with their moods and explore more for an overwhelming mobile usage experience with the ringback tones and other managed VAS services.

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