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The term mobility is being redefined by customers every day. Smarter access devices have made the requirement of efficient data traffic management even stronger. Mobile service providers are enforced to quickly manage the exponentially increasing data traffic or they would face an unmanageable customer churn. In order to provide an un-interrupted connectivity to the users and attain a uniform user satisfaction efficient data infrastructures are required.

An efficient data infrastructure promises to the mobile service providers to meet the increasing user demands along with driving a quicker investment return on the investment made towards the data infrastructures.The various content delivery suites address these challenges and offer several solutions to enable the mobile service providers efficiently manage the data growth while offering differentiated services for multiple networks, resulting in a positive consumer experience along with improved revenue.

The broadband solutions have arrived as the answer to every kind of consumer data requirement. They have been outlined in a way that they limit the data expenses of the users pertaining to the network backhaul and alongside deliver a superior experience at the user end. Internet and broadband solutions offer extensive choice flexibility for every segment of operators to employ multiple optimization techniques, such as:

  • SmartCache– It is a highly performing caching solution offering transparency, guaranteeing faster content delivery in all formats. The solution has been designed to accelerate data traffic with the usage of a proprietary storage algorithm, delivering contents faster. It enables the mobile service providers to cache the media assets on the basis of a wide range of parameters which guarantee better web responsiveness to the evolving demand patterns.
  • CacheNet– The consumer data consumption pattern varies as per the location. The CacheNet uses the content awareness across the different locations to improve the cache performance in turn improving the media delivery time. The broadband solution interconnects the cache nodes serving multiple locations with the network of the service provider, enabling the contents cached at one location to be served at other location.
  • Smart Optimizer– It is a tool enabling the delivery of a greater personalization and save costs through real-time management and control of service quality. Rather than employing some always on optimization technique, the smart optimizer combines traffic steering as per the real-time network conditions along with the network and subscriber rules and policies. It is targeted at supporting some specific business goals beyond simply reducing the data traffic.
  • Value Added Services– The smart CDS include additional services as well. In order to enable the service providers offer value added services to their users, the list of these VAS include features like content filtering, parent control, content ingestor among others.


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