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Content delivery platforms (CDP) streamline and reinforce all of a publisher’s content in a single place. This enables operators to offer an array of content-based services such as music, voice, video and text to consumers across multiple channels including SMS, USSD, IVR, WAP and mobile applications. In other words, the content delivery platforms provide single-click access to multiple services and are used to simplify consumers’ service discovery.

Why should operators deploy CDPs?

Content delivery platforms obtain content from various places to maintain equilibrium of user-engagement in an efficient and low-latency manner. The advantages of deploying a CDP broadly include:

  1. Equips operators to respond to increased network capacity requirements
  2. Maximizes an operator’s revenues
  3. Ensures faster time-to-market
  4. Ensures service differentiation
  5. Encourages reduction of promotional costs
  6. Provides a future-proof and high performance network
  7. Acts as scalable platforms with support for multiple services
  8. Efficiently delivers high-bandwidth content for ROI optimization
  9. Ensures a seamless user experience


Content delivery platforms enable a perfect orchestration of an operator’s services across devices. In addition, it permits the seamless connection of existing and legacy systems. Alongside, they are well-equipped to leverage ecosystems that can be built for web scaling and improving feature velocity with upcoming networks and technologies.

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