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The global telecommunications network is constantly evolving. Competition is fierce, which requires constant system upgrades and product innovation. In this context, OSS/BSS simplifies and streamlines operations, thereby adding to toplines.

The Global OSS/BSS Marketplace

The demand for OSS/BSS will be on an upswing until 2020. The demand for networks like machine-to-machine, the internet of things, Ethernet, etc. will increase, as will the demand for any additional software system. Currently, the market is going through constant changes, especially with the advent of the carrier grade, third network, which includes life cycle orchestration, Ethernet, etc.

Several predictions show that the OSS/BSS market will be worth $71 billion by 2020. The largest share among this will be held by NGN based solutions. OSS solution will generate more than 50 per cent of market revenue in different countries.

Role of OSS/BSS in the telecom sector

Automatic service fulfillment

OSS/BSS makes a user self-sufficient, thus saving capex and opex in the long run. It does not require any human intervention and automatically fulfils user need for speed. This also removes any chance of human error, hence, valuable time and cost is saved in making the wrongs right.

Enhanced Service Delivery

OSS/BSS has the ability to deploy any kind of service to any customer , irrespective of what device and which network he/she uses.

Elimination of software silos

With the implementation of next-gen OSS, old time ‘silos’ which emerged over the years have been eliminated completely. These silos developed for network integration and software deployment for various kinds of project requirements over the years. OSS/BSS has eliminated these silos completely.

The changing role of OSS/BSS

OSS/BSS has gone through a sea change over the years. Earlier, there was a clearer separation between OSS and BSS. OSS and BSS are required in the day to day operations in the telecom industry. From a simple job of capturing a customer order to provisioning it, setting up billing and passing the order, everything requires OSS and BSS. Today, the systems are more complicated and more flexible. OSS and BSS today manages everything – from receiving a customer order, to service delivery. Providing a good service today is a complete mix between managing commercial products through BSS and handling the products through OSS.

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