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Enterprise messaging provides the technology backbone for all communications within and between organizations. Today, with the concept of ‘right here, right now’ taking precedence for companies, enterprise messaging provides a viable tool for businesses to communicate with stakeholders and other business professionals who support them.

Present scenario

From wearable technology to new technologies for customers to cloud-based messaging systems, the enterprise messaging solution industry has seen a sea change. Today, the data obtained through enterprise messaging systems is used for analytics and big data to develop newer innovations in the industry.

Message-oriented middleware (MoM) technology, which consumes and publishes messages is the latest technology in this field. MoM integrates technology, interfaces, and enterprise messaging to enable real-time messaging.

The scope of enterprise messaging is extending beyond the scope of MoM. Information has to be updated every millisecond today, especially for businesses operating in the finance and trade industries. Therefore, MoM is changing fast to include protocols and standards to enable transport and exchange of messages instantaneously.

At present, the Microsoft Exchange Server is the leader of an enterprise messaging system. It is also interesting to note that the maximum number of businesses in the Asia Pacific region use enterprise messaging, whereas it has the lowest penetration is in North America.



The instant processing of messages is the biggest challenge for the industry. The requirement of faster processing of messages has placed extreme pressure on the message queue. As business becomes complicated, enterprises are generating greater volumes of data which are more complicated and sensitive in nature. Enterprise messaging solutions today have to handle high volumes of data which is being generated.

Moreover, the new technologies in the industry pose a fresh set of challenges to enterprise architects who have to take into account the complexity of the environment and then develop simple, cost-effective and reliable messaging systems.

Future Opportunities

It has been estimated that the global enterprise messaging market will reach $1.9 billion by 2019. Going forward, the workforce, as we know it today, will change and enterprises will need to communicate effectively and most importantly immediately. Moreover, today’s workforce is dispersed. The traditional concept of working in an office has moved to working from home, hence, workforce meetings happen in the virtual office. This presents a huge opportunity for enterprise messaging to grow manifold in the coming years. As the penetration of mobile devices increases and connectivity will become easier, the enterprise messaging solution industry will continue to see greater heights.

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