Home References May the force be with ones we often forget!

With the dawn of New Year, we take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt #ThankYou to those who work relentlessly round  the clock for us, but their efforts often go unnoticed. To those, who do not get an opportunity to be with their families on festivals and holidays. We seldom realise the importance of their sacrifice but it only because of their sacrifice that we can travel home during holidays, communicate with friends and feel safe. We might encounter them as flight attendants while we are on our way to meet our loved ones, or someone delivering our pizzas so we can party all night or we may encounter them when they delight us with delicacies while we enjoy a candle-light dinner. They are special as they are making things special for us. We have created a video to acknowledge, thank and pay a little tribute to these men and women of big hearts.

This New Year Eve, extend a warm #ThankYou to them. Be grateful. Acknowledge them. They are all around us. This new year bring a smile on those faces. And if you believe in Karma, it’ll come back to you too.

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