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With big data proliferation alongside the fast-evolving digital landscape, the pressure lies on the service providers to become more agile in customizing their strategies with an omni-channel experience for the customers. Creating the best omni-channel strategy and design can open valuable opportunities to enhance the overall customer experience. And thus, an Omni channel strategy can certainly be a game changer for the telecom operators.

Using this approach, the service providers can:

  • Deliver consistent, good quality service regardless of the interaction channel
  • Offer support to differentiated service for varying customer segment and usage patterns
  • Gain a significantly effective tool to support customer experience, customer centricity, satisfaction, retention and overall, loyalty.

How an omni channel solution supports customer segmentation?

Service providers segment their customer base in order to better understand their customers. The overall objective of customer segmentation is customer usage analysis to find niche opportunities to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Customer segmentation in an omni channel environment allows the operators to increase profitability by understanding the customer requirements better and providing the best solution then to meet those requirements. Customized treatments are required to be offered to different segments of customers classified on the basis of lifetime value, class of customer, geography, usage interests and RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value).

With an omni channel setup, we can identify customers on the basis of their segment classification across all channels including voice calls, SMSs, IVR, chat, social media usage and VAS usage.

How can omni-channel solution enhance the overall customer experience?

Omni channel solutions reimagine and redesign the way people, process, enterprises and technologies work together in a business environment in order to deliver strategic business outcomes. It is anticipated that by the year 2017, 89 per cent of the leading service providers expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. The customer experience while interacting with the service provider significantly impacts their views and perceptions for the brand.

With an effective omni channel design, the customers don’t require to necessarily look into multiple channels in order to get satisfactory service experience. Rather, the service provider offers a seamless customer experience within the ecosystem in which its customer operates. Offering consistent and continuous experiences, omnichannel solutions for the enterprises allow the consumers to have immediate access to a wide range of products and services.


The omni channel approach reduces customer effort, in turn encouraging acquisition and loyalty. Ultimately, the effect placed on the customers is all about fast speed and the need of use, which is now rated alongside value for money and quality by the customers. Building competitive advantage, the omni-channel approach is bound to reduce customer churn by increasing customer advocacy leading to maximum business agility.

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