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Direct Operator Billing has brought a new era in the world of consumer convenience. Not only do customers find it easy to transact, it has immense benefits for the business as well. The frictionless and secure billing solution is a win-win for customers and businesses alike. 

Key Features

The key features of direct operator billing include the following:

Convenience & Security:

The foremost feature of direct operator billing is that it results in convenience and security. The convenience attached to the direct carrier billing supersedes all other payment options. For making purchases, customers don’t have to go through the hassle of entering bank details or card details. Moreover, it is more secure than credit and debit card payment since there is no hassle of sharing pins or OTP online. Naturally, this is the main reason for the rising popularity of direct operator billing.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The feature that goes hand in hand with convenience and security is customer experience. Coupled with the convenience of easy payment for purchase of goods, the companies providing direct operator billing integration provide superior customer experience as well. Multiple value added services, experience of handling huge subscriber bases across the globe, detailed analysis of the market and use of analytics help deliver a high quality customer experience which in turn has a direct impact on customer experience.


Superior Conversion Rates:

The journey time from exploration to purchase has been minimized, thus enhancing conversion rates. Purchases can be done anywhere, anytime, even if they don’t have access to their banking information. Moreover, the payment can be made at a later date than the purchase date. Conversion rates, therefore, are higher with the use of direct operator billing.

Appeal to a larger audience:

Another key feature of direct operator billing is that it appeals to a larger population, especially the population not covered by bank accounts, credit or debit cards. In developing countries, especially countries in Africa, massive population still don’t hold any kind of banking relationship. The direct operator billing provides a huge convenience to these people. They don’t feel excluded from technological innovation anymore. They can simply make purchases and charge the same to their mobile bill.

Moreover, there remains a large chunk of the population who are unwilling to share their banking details online. Various incidents of online identity theft are the main reasons for this scepticism. This is where direct operator billing chips in. It appeals to this population who can still purchase their favourite digital item without sharing any of their bank details.

Opportunity to earn additional revenue:

With the advent of free messaging and calling services, telecom operators across the world have faced massive revenue leakage, especially call and messaging revenue. The direct operator billing provides telecom operators the opportunity to bring back this lost revenue by acting as distributor of various digital services. Effective partnership and superior customer experience can help these telecom operators add to the top line and bottom line and thus bring back lost revenue.

Value added services:

Direct operator billing enables users to make purchases from anywhere, mobile, laptop, desktop or tab. This is a win-win for both customers and telecom companies alike. While customers can make purchases anytime, anywhere, it helps companies deliver superior customer experience. Moreover, most of the integrators, have round the clock assistance, helping customers facing any issues with their purchase. Paying the bill at a later date provides customers with a credit period, which in turn helps them plan their expenses properly.

The direct operator billing is here to continue. While globally the amount is expected to reach $13 billion by the end of 2017, the prospects look promising. The average purchase value is actually higher than we think. In fact, a new era is about to come in direct operator billing because several companies are exploring the option of selling physical goods through direct operator billing. With the recent demonetization drive in India, this move is but natural and will gain popularity sooner or later. The innovations in the direct operator billing market will be worth watching out for.

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