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How does a brand make its voice heard? Is it the promise of quality, value for money or convenience? Or is it simply promises of better services coupled with a proactive approach? It’s a bit of both. The catch, though, is that the information has to mean something to the audience. At the end of the day, it boils down to promoting that set of attributes this set of individuals either can or want to identify with.

It’s no different for us. When I say, “Mahindra Comviva”, what would you think of? Would “trustworthy” and “innovative” apply? How about “ready for tomorrow”? And herein lays the crux-why we chose to set ourselves apart from the clutter with a simple yet powerful vision-The Business of Tomorrows. The message is-this is how we view the possibilities before us. The opportunities. How we’re readying ourselves for multiple versions of what tomorrow may bring. How we’re creating new solutions for unknown markets, impacting lives in familiar ones, delivering business efficiencies, even catering to Generation Next. How we see subscribers evolving, businesses changing and new gaps and needs emerging.


This is what drives us to stay one step ahead of competition. What we’re bringing to the table is this-making mobile payments easier, entertainment better and internet and broadband solutions faster. Of equal importance are enhancing, overall experience through customer value management, accelerating top-line growth with robust messaging solutions and enhancing end-to-end managed services. Clearly, the rules of the branding game have changed. We’re ready, though. Ready to leverage the opportunities tomorrow’s requirements will bring forth.

We are all about the Business of Tomorrows.

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