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The music industry looks quite different from how it did a few years back. It may be said to be the only industry that has kept changing itself without waiting for the completion of a decade. The artists have already ensured to win the combat with piracy by releasing the songs digitally, which also eases their purchase. While the latter part of the 20th century had music album purchase as a norm; we can now enjoy cherry-picking the sound tracks we love and buy just those.

The journey of music

Music was once represented by Vinyl in houses. From Vinyl, it gradually shifted to cassettes in cabinets and then suddenly to CDs in hands. While the market was once dominated by the CDs, the artists all of a sudden started deriving value from their online music channels. And since then, the market has been dominated by purely digital distribution.

The scenario is now changing once again, as the music lovers who used to purchase music by track have now started opting subscription to music streaming services such as Mooditt. With a variety of options available to choose from, we may expect paying to own music may very soon become a thing of past.

Music becomes social

The music streaming services like Mooditt, allow the users to connect their account to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to share with their friends what they’re listening to. With such music sharing and discovery apps the users get to know what their friends are listening to and vice versa. Searching for new music artists through mobile music to enjoy has become easier than ever before. These services facilitate you to listen to music without committing to buy it.

Music streaming in the mainstream

IPod can be attributed for the popularity of digital music. It was then followed by iTunes which made streaming a norm with one-dollar downloads. The live streaming option provides control to the users of what and when they listen to. The streaming service libraries are almost unlimited and music streaming becomes possible wherever there’s an internet connection.

2015- Year in Music

Streaming becomes a viable business model

The Recording Industry association of America has been monitoring music industry sales since 1973. The recent data shows that the music industry is not doing well but streaming music generates significant revenue that is holding it from an adverse slide. Streaming is going strong day after day but it is worth to be seen how as a whole it affects the flailing industry.

In a time when majority of people have access to internet and artists become famous starting being YouTube celebrities- it won’t be a surprise if a complete shift towards digital music delivery methods takes place. Thus, an important observation in the next five years would be to see how long music streaming remains in demand and is there any other trend making its way to give changes to the industry which has been changing its face ever since its inception.

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